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Alliance Homecare CEO Greg Solometo provides ‘concierge’ services to the elderly

February 2018: The growth of the aging population is providing new twists on old ways of caring for the elderly, and Greg Solometo, CEO of Alliance Homecare, says he has developed a better approach. … Read More

Commuting Crisis Disrupts Home Care in Big Apple

January 2018: More than 100,000 personal attendants and home health aides work in New York City, and they’re facing major obstacles in reaching clients … Read More

How These 99 CEO’s Create A Great Work Culture And Maximize Employee Retention

December 2017: If you want your employees to stay and thrive, a healthy work culture is essential … Read More

Massages, Pet Cloning, And Other Amazing Perks You’ll Want To Quit Your Job For

September 2017: In the war for talent, some companies are going above and beyond to entice employees to join and stay on staff…. Read More

You Have a Great Idea, But Do You Have the Confidence and Persistence To Build It?

September 2017: How this health care innovator and his partners built a business that mattered…. Read More

Provider Aims To Clear The ‘Gray Cloud Over Home Care’

July 2017: A lack of communication between care providers can be confusing and potentially detrimental to seniors’ health …. Read More

Tens of millions of dollars flow among NY insurers under risk adjustment

July 2017: Northwell Health’s CareConnect was New York’s biggest loser for 2016 in the federal risk adjustment program …. Read More

‘Employee of the Month’ programs really work

April 8, 2017: When Brittany Tomkiewicz, senior manager of acquisition marketing at Birchbox, sat at her desk in January, her space was temporarily adorned …. Read More

A Fall From The Sky

February 2, 2017: It was meant to be the ultimate birthday thrill — a leap from a plane at 13,000 feet. Then, the unthinkable happened — a skydive over Long Island turned deadly …. Read More

Home Care Starts With Love

February 2, 2017: Since founding a concierge home care agency (Alliance Homecare) ten years ago after caring for my grandmother with Alzheimer’s, I’ve learned a lot ….
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Care Career Calls Retirees

Greg Solometo, chief executive of New York-based home health care company Alliance Homecare, said finding qualified caretakers is one of the country’s leading challenges …. Read More

5 Biggest Entrepreneurial Challenges to Be Thankful For

November 2016: By becoming an entrepreneur, you accept an array of challenges. Don’t get frustrated, be grateful …. Read More

Join the Alliance Homecare community!

When it comes to serving the aging population, home care services are just the beginning …. Read More

Alliance Homecare Adds Key Staff to Roster

September 2016: Alliance Homecare, a concierge home health care provider serving individuals and families in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley, is pleased to announce …. Read More

Health Republic Liquidation Begins

April 2016: After months of uncertainty surrounding Health Republic Insurance of New York’s liquidation, new court documents released April 22 provide clarity on what creditors can expect to receive …. Read More

ALLIANCE HOMECARE: Treating Your Family Members Like Our Own

July 2015: When a loved one loses his or her independence, give yourself peace of mind by …. Read More

NYC Home Care Company Takes New Approach to Referrals

April 2016: To solve the problem of needing more space to grow and afford a larger office, one New York-based home care company has partnered with five other organizations and moved into a new, collaborative space with them …. Read More

Alliance Homecare’s Concierge Care Raises the Standards in Home Care Services

May 2015: The five years Gregory Solometo spent caring for his grandmother changed …. Read More

Alliance Homecare Treats and Cares for Clients Like Family

March 2015: Gregory Solometo had a great job, working at the former global financial firm Lehman Brothers, making …. Read More

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March 2014

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February 2014

How To Senior-Proof Your Home And Prevent Unnecessary Falls

December 2013: About one out of three adults over 65 will get injured in a fall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. Many of these accidents will occur in the comfort of their own homes …. Read More