Care Scenarios

Palliative End of Life Care

End-of-life care from Alliance Homecare provides proactive, symptom management to individuals in advanced stages of illness.

The goal of end-of-life care is to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

Our highly-trained Care Management Team works together with the patient, the family and the patient’s physician to:

  • Provide early emotional support to help manage expectations for patients and families
  • Create an individual plan of care
  • Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations by empowering the patient and caregivers to effectively manage symptoms
  • Manage physical discomfort related to illness
  • Provide on-call RNs 24 hours a day and one-on-one direct nursing care when needed
  • Offer support and bereavement counseling for families

End-of-life care from Alliance Homecare offers hospice and palliative care services at home, in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

Our Care Management Team provides compassionate, 24/7 support to patients and their families at home, allowing them to make the most of each day. When a patient is in a nursing home, assisted living or hospital, our comprehensive program includes a plan of care developed in coordination with the facilities staff, a consultation with the resident’s physician and nursing staff to ensure effective symptom and pain control and access to our care management team