What Payments Do You Accept?

Because in-home care costs can sometimes be confusing, Alliance Homecare offers a number of options to help manage your home care costs and will work with you to create a plan that meets your individual needs.

Alliance Homecare is a Licensed Home Care Services Agency that accepts direct payment from the client or payment through Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, Workers Compensation or other contracted agreements.

Alliance Homecare is not contracted with New York State to accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Your payment options include:

Private Payment

All clients are ultimately responsible for the reimbursement of home care services whether or not there is reimbursement from other sources. A weekly invoice that details all services is sent electronically to the responsible payer.

Alliance Homecare is a small organization, dependent on the faithfulness of bill payers. We will work with attorneys, trustees, guardians, etc. to ensure client accounts are kept accurate and manageable.

Long Term Care Insurance

Together, you and Alliance Homecare’s experts will contact your Long Term Care Insurance Company and verify the available home care benefits and procedures to access these benefits. In many situations, Alliance Homecare will send your home care bill to the insurance company, wait for direct payment and then send you a balance due notice if necessary. This means that you do not have to deplete your finances and wait for reimbursement. Alliance Homecare will monitor the payments, submit requested documents and keep you updated on the available benefits or changes.

Workers Compensation

Alliance Homecare will work with Workers Compensation insurances, verify your benefits, establish a payment schedule and submit updated documentation as required. Alliance Homecare will work with your attorneys, trustees and guardians to ensure comprehensive and coordinated care plan.

Medicare and Medicaid

Alliance Homecare does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. However, if you do have Medicare, we will work with you and facilitate access to one of our trusted affiliates that can service your needs. We often work in conjunction with certified agencies to provide supplemental service in addition to what Medicare provides.