Preparing For Home Care


Proper preparation for home care ensures that you and your loved ones receive the most from our services. Our home care experts have put together a few important tips to help you prepare for your home care experience.

  • Consider if the duties you are requesting can be completed in the allotted time you are scheduling
  • Create a personal emergency contact list
  • Who has an extra set of house keys?
  • Have your medication list ready
  • Is a Power of Attorney assigned in the event the client is unable to pay bills?
  • Where are the client’s Advance Directives and Health Care Proxy directions? We will request copies of Power of Attorney, Advance Directives and Health Proxies for our records
  • Create a contact list of the doctors you currently visit
  • Be prepared to disclose financial information
  • Names and contact numbers of people you want to be contacted in the event of an emergency
  • Provide written authorization for Long Term Care Insurance in order for us to verify benefits, deductibles and maximum caps of service
  • Request a service agreement so that you can review the information in a quiet and peaceful manner

Before Care Begins

Alliance Homecare recommends you perform the following tasks prior to services commencing

  • Walk through the house with your Registered Nurse case manager and home care team prior to beginning services.
  • Approve the home safety assessment provided by your Registered Nurse case manager or physical therapist.
  • Make a list of what tasks are expected, in addition to those that are detailed in the plan of care created by your Registered Nurse case manager (e.g.: general/light housekeeping, cooking).
  • Post a copy of the contact list created by your Registered Nurse case manager next to your phone or somewhere visible.
  • Secure items of value whenever possible, as foot traffic in and out of your home will increase.
  • Consider identifying the appropriate location for your caregiver and their belongings, if you are receiving live-in support or long duration shifts.
  • Review with your Registered Nurse case manager what is off-limits in the house, whether it is a whole room, particular food, set of dishes, etc.
  • Explain to your Registered Nurse case manager in detail any specific instructions you would like carried out by your home care team.
  • Notify your Registered Nurse case manager if you would like Alliance Homecare to provide and install a small whiteboard with dry-erase markers to communicate (daily notes, upcoming appointments, etc.) with your home care team.