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“My heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Alliance Homecare for making the past six months of my cousin’s illness tolerable. Dementia/Alzheimer’s is a sad and debilitating set of unexpected circumstances for any family and Alliance has been there for us as a first line of support. I especially want to thank the clinical team, Sheila Kolt, Janine Solano and Justine Llop, for checking in with my cousin and pinch hitting for me when I was away. The aides have been heroic under some challenging times; kudos to Lisa and Kim for their patience and understanding. The administrative team at Alliance is top notch; Danielle and Ashley always came through to change schedules and assure coverage and, most importantly, calls were returned in a timely manner. I will have no hesitation to recommend you”

Debbie Oppenheim

“Michele – We can’t express how thankful we are to have you and your team in our life.  From the first meeting you have all made us feel like Tommy’s your own son / brother and would do anything you could for him. You have been a real blessing to us.”

Thomas McGuire, Sr.

“I am grateful every day for the skill and care I have experienced with and through Alliance. You made my Mother’s last weeks better and helped me to be available to her in a heartfelt way that mattered to me.”

Rebecca Lord, DOM

“This note is sent to recognize and compliment Kofi Bonsou for the extra level of care and support that he provided to my husband last week. He had sustained a fall and was suffering from severe back pain; I was in Hong Kong on a business trip but Kofi made arrangements to stay with my husband through several evenings, sharing the shifts with my step son and keeping me calm across thousands of miles and 12 hour time differences. In addition to accompanying my husband to the hospital for X-rays and to his doctor’s office, he assisted him with virtually every activity of daily living, and when I returned from my trip, he stayed with me to show me how best to manage my husband’s mobility issues and when he did leave to go home, he assured me that he would come back immediately if I had difficulty managing on my own. He came in early today when I asked for help, worked extra shifts when asked, and he has been wonderfully kind, caring and dedicated – I commend him to you as an extraordinary caregiver with a heart as big and strong as he is. Thank you for sending him to us . . .”


“Our priority was a highly competent nursing team; Alliance provided that and much more, including respect for our father’s dignity and quality of life; consistent communication with family members; effective coordination with doctors and other healthcare staff. The nurses adapted to challenges with ingenuity, coped with medical concerns in a calm and skillful manner, and interacted with both patient and family with poise and perhaps most important, a sense of humor.”

The Family of Governor Hugh L. Carey

“Alliance Homecare changed my mother’s life and certainly made mine much easier. At the age of 98, Catherine was an incredibly vibrant, funny, intelligent and lively woman. Their staff provided much more than their jobs: they related to her with love, respect and joy, making each of her days secure and happier. She could share with them her jokes, her memories, and essential things with amusement. I live in France and finding the right solutions from such a distance is tough, I could not have dreamed a better partnership than the one we had with Greg Solometo and his team. Every single day Greg kept me informed on my mother’s health and accomplishments, we really were working together despite the distance. What he did is incredible, even bringing his adorable dog to visit my dog-loving mother! Great people you can trust, with high human values.”

Evelyn Soum
Chairman & CEO of an Advertising Agency
Paris, France
Daughter of Catherine Kowarski, Manhattan

“I am a nurse coordinator for a very large company. There have been many times where I have received requests for private duty nursing. I always refer to Alliance Homecare with confidence. After referring them for over 2 years, I can assure that they are professional, caring, and go above and beyond to make their patients satisfied. The feedback has always been outstanding. It makes me feel good to know that I can recommend a group that will do everything they can to satisfy the needs and respect the privacy of every client. I would recommend Alliance to patients and doctors alike and if I ever had a family member that needed nursing care I would not settle for anyone less than Alliance Homecare.”

Constance Klipp, RN
Nursing Coordinator
MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc.

“I feel compelled to say how professional, caring and punctual the personnel and the nurses of Alliance are. I have been through many operations, including a liver transplant, and for the last 4 years, every nurse in the group, and especially Mary Burke and Michele Teter, have been outstanding in caring for me both physically and psychologically. I cannot say enough about the experience and knowledge that each of the nurses in the group is endowed with and I must mention that anyone can trust them in caring for themselves or their loved ones.”

Frank Cardile Sr.
Chairman & CEO
InterWire Group

“Greg and his company, Alliance Homecare, helped to make my mother’s post-surgical days in her home safe and comfortable as well as making the lives of her 3 children less stressful. Alliance Homecare sent us Margarita, a compassionate, loving, caring young woman, who became another member of our family. Margarita, being a religious woman, enjoyed accompanying my mother to synagogue on Shabbat, which is an activity my mother looks forward to each week. Due to my mother’s recent health issues, the family decided that she should move to my sister’s house in Rhode Island, which meant giving up Margarita. Greg has been so supportive all along; in the event my mother returns to her home in Yonkers, we will certainly use Alliance Homecare services again. Kudos to Greg and his nursing staff.”

The Kupchan Family
Yonkers, New York

“Diane and her agency were a fabulous resource to my father and our family. After having open heart surgery and valve replacement surgery, my father was released from the hospital just after 5 days. The post surgical care he required was beyond what the family could provide. The day he was released from the hospital, I called the agency and had a nurse provided to my father the same day!!! The nursing professionals your agency provided was able to assist my father’s rehabilitation in so many ways. Most of all, the nurses gave peace of mind and support to the entire family. Thank you for helping him in a true time of need.”

Allison Shine
Westchester, NY

“I had surgery earlier this year and my son who is a surgeon recommended using Alliance Homecare to assist me in recovery. I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality of nursing care they provided. My nurse was comforting and encouraging with superb bedside manners. When considering any type of medical recovery in the home, I would not hesitate in recommending Alliance Homecare to be there by your side assisting you back to health.”

Varda Singer
Chappaqua, NY

“I received an infusion from Alliance Homecare every morning for one month. They were always on time. The infusion was given without incident. They were pleasant, friendly, and efficient. I would be hard pressed to give a more generous recommendation.

Anonymous Client
New York, NY

“I have suffered a very painful low back episode (one month now) and last week I had an epidural injection into my SI joint under sedation. I was so fortunate to think ahead and realize I might need care after this injection. I found the organization on the Internet, quite luckily. I had 4 nights and 4 days where I required care. I would like to say that for the most part I was extremely pleased and satisfied with the care that I received. Everyone was professional and caring, I’m so glad I found the agency!

I would also like to recognize a few standout women:

The first is Lina, the RN who stayed the night with me after the injection. From the moment I saw her smiling face I felt immediate comfort and security. I did not feel well for a while after the injection and she was superb! She was very competent, kind and attentive.

High marks for Janine (LPN) a wonderful and eager to help young woman. She stayed the 2nd night with me.

After that, I had Yanique for 2 days. Wow! She is fabulous! Very proactive – she started cleaning my apt. (it was a mess because I have not been able to bend for a month!) without me asking. She was very kind and compassionate.

Jeanine, the RN who I kept calling to add to the schedule, was also wonderful. She got back to me immediately every time.

I felt that all the caregivers who came to me were of high quality.“

Melissa McCune
New York, NY

“Greg Solometo and Alliance Homecare are a great resource! My Mom adores living in NYC and won’t consider moving. We were stuck in a difficult situation of having to provide daily care and support for Mom from out of the country where we reside. Greg and his team have brought on skilled and wonderful caring health care aides, a nurse for dispensing medication, a personal trainer covered by Medicaid to improve mobility, and have ensured constant coverage. The Alliance team has been extremely sensitive to the personalities involved and has come up with a custom solution that meets our needs and fits within our financial means. We now rely on Alliance every day!”

A Private Family Living Abroad, Remotely Caring for Their Mother under Alliance Homecare in NYC