Alliance Sponsors ‘My Mother’s Recipe’

Janine Solano, RN and Mia Ross, RN had a great time representing Alliance Homecare at ‘My Mother’s Recipe’.

The Caregivers’ Project is a non-profit organization which recognizes that providing care for a loved one can be both joyful and diffcult.  The Caregivers’ Project celebrates this entire spectrum.   The group believes that encouraging the health and well-being of the caregiver is a worthy and necessary pursuit. and provides a pillar of support for caregivers to fully experience, understand and appreciate their role.

Alliance Homecare was a proud sponsor of The Caregivers’ Project’s bi-annual event ‘My Mother’s Recipe’ which we celebrated on October 17, 2015.  The event started with a pot-luck lunch. Each attendant brought a dish to share made from a family recipe. The buffet included food from all parts of the globe and the audience came from all walks of life.  After enjoying a diverse lunch, we listened to caregivers share personal stories about their involvement with an aging loved one. The stories captured the wide emotional terrain of care-giving. These feelings span from fear and insecurity to gratitude and wisdom. It was interesting and reaffirming to see that many stories shared similar themes. This intimate conversation proved that although care giving is unique to each individual, there are more common threads than divisive ones.

At the end of the afternoon, tickets were drawn for a variety of fun raffle prizes. Even the non-winners, though, went home happy. ‘My Mother’s Recipe’ was a healthy reminder that in order to care for the ones we love, we must always consider ourselves.

We thank Dr. Zeleznik and those involved with The Caregivers’ Project for the opportunity to partake in this event.  If you’d like to learn more about The Caregivers’ Project, you can follow them on Facebook.


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