Assisted Devices and Body Mechanics

Over the last week, Alliance Homecare hosted a six hour Continued Education program to address the specific needs of both our caregivers and clients.  Alliance hired Fox Rehab to come in and teach our aides proper body mechanics and correct transfer techniques to help clients with various degrees of physical limitations.

Raymond Sileo DPT, regional director and Nicholas Lampiasi OT, senior regional director of Fox Rehab presented a power point presentation to our Home Health Aides that reviewed the proper body mechanics a health care provider should demonstrate when assisting a client from a chair, wheelchair or bed.  They reviewed various durable medical equipment including walkers, rollators, a wheelchair, cane and hoyer lifts.  The team discussed the difference between a minimal, moderate and maximum assist and how to safely and effectively transfer clients based on their current status.  The presentation was an interactive, hands on experience with much discussion and shared experiences.  The aides provided return demonstrations to ensure that the information was not only received but practiced.

For the next two hours, Alliance Homecare discussed our exciting new Rehab to Home (RTH) program. The purpose of the program is to provide a solution for individuals suffering from a catastrophic injury (stoke, SCI, Neurological Disease) to live and be cared for in their home as opposed to a nursing home. The RTH program was developed after Alliance was engaged to care for a client that suffered a C4 injury from a sky diving accident.

This exciting new program involves a partnership with Frangeli Consulting and Design which allows a patient to transition seamlessly back to home after physical rehabilitation.  Our aides were trained on the newly installed ceiling lift which is used in the home of our client.

Lastly, our aides finished up the day with a vital signs monitoring review course.  We reviewed normal parameters for BP, HR, O2 Sat, Respirations and Temperature.  We also reviewed how to take each of these and reviewed what kinds of things would alter the readings.  We ended the day with a hands-on review of an automated BP cuff, thermometers, and pulse oximeters.

The value of these training sessions are immeasurable. We believe that the continued education of our aides directly result in client satisfaction within the home.

To learn more about how Alliance Homecare can help prevent damaging falls for you or someone you love, contact us at 1.877.687.7380 (NURSE80).


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