Benefits of Physical Therapy

Alliance Homecare sat down with Raymond Sileo, PT, DPT, LSVT
and Regional Director at FOX Rehab, about the importance of maintaining strength as we age.  He shares his professional advice to staying independent and strong for a lifetime.

Mia Ross, RN:  With the baby boomers growing older every day, elder care is receiving national attention.  Where does fall prevention sit on the list of priorities when we consider caring for older adults?

Raymond Sileo:  Fall prevention is the number one priority for older adults.  These days, older adults are living longer and remaining more active than ever before.  A bad fall can set an older adult back, up to a year depending on the severity.  Lower extremity strength and balance is key.

Mia Ross, RN:  There is new research emerging on why older adults falls.  It’s not longer enough to rearrange the furniture.  What else do physical therapists include in their care plan to prevent falls?

Raymond Sileo:  Most people believe falls are due mainly to balance. While this is partially true, the main deficit is actually lower extremity strength. Older adults with balance issues can negotiate, but will most likely fall only if they also have weakness in the legs.  I have treated patients with less than ideal balance but very strong legs and these patients avoid falls.  On the flip side, I have treated patients with excellent balance but extremely weak legs and these are the people most likely to suffer a fall.

Mia Ross, RN:  If you could give middle-aged adults one piece of advice to avoid falls in the future, what would it be?

Raymond Sileo:  Strength, strength, strength.

To learn more about how Alliance Homecare can help prevent damaging falls for you or someone you love, contact us at 1.877.687.7380 (NURSE80).


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