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Make sure that your building’s employees, tenants, and visitors are healthy and safe, all while mitigating corporate risk for you. While your New York business is learning how to operate in the “new normal” during the current coronavirus outbreak, it is important to ensure that your business is operating safely and under the current regulations set in place.

The team at Alliance Homecare is here to help you as you work to protect the health of everyone in your building! We offer no-contact temperature checks administered by registered corporate wellness nurses. Our team can also take care of COVID-19 diagnostic and antibodies testing as needed. Contact Alliance Homecare now to learn more, or discover more about this program in our post below!

Care Matters Most to Alliance Homecare

Program Overview

While it is always important to provide safe, clean environments for your employees and visitors, the need to keep your business clean and secure has never been more important than it is now. As you are working to keep your business running as normally as possible, it can be helpful to implement temperature checks for those entering the premises. We are partnering with businesses and buildings all across the New York City Metropolitan area to provide registered nurses to provide temperature checks as staff and others enter.

No-Contact Service

When you choose to work with Alliance, you are choosing the best! Our team members will come fully equipped to do the job, so you won’t have to worry about providing PPE (personal protective equipment). We utilize no-contact methods of temperature checks. This means less time is spent washing equipment, or disposable resources are not used and wasted. Because there is not any contact with individuals and the testing equipment, there is less worry about spreading diseases. Each of our staff members that will work at your buildings are fully trained registered nurses (RNs). They are equipped to deal with a wide variety of health situations, and they can work with you to create the best and most efficient check-in process as people are entering.


Recently, Alliance Homecare has been able to begin providing on-site COVID-19 diagnostic and antibodies testing! We are very proud to be able to add this to our services. When you want to give the very best to your employees and others as they enter your business, it can bring peace of mind to offer testing. While there is still much to be learned about COVID-19, this small step of offering quick testing and results will help to keep your business as free from the virus as possible.

Choose Alliance Homecare

Are you ready to get started with high-quality on-site checks and testing for your New York business? Get in touch with Alliance Homecare today! Aside from our industry-leading home care services, we are happy to be able to address the daily need for testing that has arisen during this time of crisis. Let us help to put your mind at ease and keep your guests, employees, or tenets as safe as possible! We look forward to working with you soon.


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