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  • Head,Shot,Close,Up,Portrait,Caring,Adult,Young,Woman,Cuddling

    How To Help Elderly Parents From a Distance

    Caring for elderly parents can be an emotionally taxing experience. It’s not easy watching your parents get older and depending…

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  • 8-Balance-Exercises-for-SeniorsFT

    8 Balance Exercises for Seniors

    Whether a loved one has recently experienced a balance-altering injury like a stroke or you’re simply trying to help an…

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  • 4-Mini-Stroke-Symptoms-in-the-Elderly

    4 Mini Stroke Symptoms in the Elderly

    If you have a loved one who is an older adult, you may be on high alert for life-threatening diseases…

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  • What-is-My-Loved-Ones-Life-Expectancy-After-a-Stroke-at-70

    What is My Loved One’s Life Expectancy After a Stroke at 70?

    If someone in your life recently had an acute stroke, you probably have countless questions circling through your mind—especially about…

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  • The-Most-Common-Causes-of-a-Stroke-in-the-Elderly

    The Most Common Causes of a Stroke in the Elderly

    Aging is one of the most uncomfortable truths of living: as we get older, our health can decline, leaving us…

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  • Two,Old,Friends,Sitting,On,A,Wooden,Bench,In,Park

    The Most Common Old Age Diseases

    Aging is normal. As we get older, we gain wisdom, cherished memories, and long-lasting relationships. However, with age comes increased…

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  • Friendly,Relationship,Between,Caregiver,And,Happy,Eldery,Woman,During,Nursing

    When Should Someone Be Offered Palliative Care?

    Many people think palliative care refers to end-of-life care. While end-of-life care—also known as hospice care—is a type of palliative…

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  • Closeup,Of,Senior,Man,Writing,Letter

    Early Warning Signs of Parkinson’s

    When we notice something unusual happening in our bodies, it can be tempting to ignore it and hope for the…

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  • Elderly man is holding his hand while eating

    Essential Tremor vs. Parkinson’s

    Different diseases present with different symptoms, which can be helpful when trying to diagnose. But sometimes the same symptoms will…

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  • Hands Holding a Colourful Button

    How to Recover From A Stroke

    Any major medical event can heighten emotions and raise questions. If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke,…

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