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What Makes an Alliance Caregiver Special

The Grandma Rule®

Is this someone I would hire to care for my own grandmother?

This question is the guiding force at Alliance Homecare. In fact, it’s the concept on which we were founded, and we believe strongly in only bringing on new team members that we would not only entrust with our grandmothers, but also provide care above and beyond what we would dream for them.

To deliver that promise, we begin with a highly selective hiring process and transition to first-class training, continuous education and ongoing support. Through these efforts, our elite team of registered nurses, certified home health aides and dedicated RN care managers continue to set the standards of excellence across the home care industry.

Our approach

Our recruiting and onboarding process is unique from the start. We will not hire to fill openings; we are looking for the right fit. Simply having the necessary knowledge isn’t enough—we search for those with the unique combination of qualified experience, elevated professionalism and extreme compassion.

We only hire RNs and LPNs with the specialized skills, clinical insight and personal disposition to provide expert care for all our clients, including their specific medical needs.

And we require the same “right fit” from our home health aides. As most aides will have general medical knowledge, we go above and beyond to find those truly passionate about caring for our clients, who may be in their most vulnerable state.

Among many other qualities, our home health aides must be professional, compassionate, adaptable and regimented. Beyond requiring an HHA certification and requiring at least a full year of caregiving experience, we conduct background checks and extensively vet our caregivers’ hard and soft skills via in-person assessments.

We also regularly conduct client and employee surveys to ensure we remain exceptional. We know we are setting the standard as our clients respond with comments like this:

“Alliance Homecare is a first-class, first-rate healthcare service organization. Professionals from Alliance have provided consistent quality-oriented services for my 95-year-old father.”

Caregiving with integrity — every step of the way

As a home care agency specializing in concierge services, we prioritize fostering a people-first culture. By providing our people with a compassionate, professional culture, including supplying our team with tools and resources to exceed expectations, we know our caregivers will provide our clients with unparalleled home healthcare services.

We take pride in honoring the lives of those we touch, both our clients and our team. As such, we remain a people-first culture by continuously focusing on two foundational elements:

Caregiver training

Aging at home with dignity requires care that is both compassionate and capable. Highly vetted and skilled home health aides are an ideal support system for clients seeking to maintain a high quality of life while requiring assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), home tasks and companionship.

To ensure our aides always elevate our clients’ experience, we’re one of the few agencies employing an on-staff director of learning and development. In this unique role, Krystal Vias is dedicated to quality assurance with a human touch.

“At Alliance Homecare, we see our Caregivers as the people and healthcare professionals they are and give them the respect they deserve. From the first interview and throughout their careers, we approach them with tremendous respect and admiration.”

We know support is essential to their success, which is why our approach to caregiver training involves several key elements that set us apart:

  • Orientation. After being hired, our aides immediately attend orientation to ensure they feel part of our team, become familiar with our processes and set our expectation of constantly raising experience standards in our industry.
  • Extensive training. Our one-of-a-kind training department ensures our caregivers are exceptional in providing the highest level of support. From the expert execution of hard skills, like lifting and assisting clients with ADLs, to subtle yet non-negotiable soft skills, such as etiquette, confidentiality, appearance and conversation skills – our team is fully prepared to deliver with confidence, professionalism and warmth.
  • Continued development. Because healthcare needs and technology consistently evolve, we offer our aides paid training to stay ahead of the trends and improve their skills. Whether participating in specialized medical condition simulations or identifying unique experiences that require additional assistance, our team is committed to always being prepared.

Human connection

We believe experience is more than the accumulation of medical knowledge. It is also learning to prioritize the importance of human connection. Because the home care industry has challenges regarding turnover and quality of service, we committed to doing things differently from the start.

We hold true to our promise by prioritizing key elements that drive human connections:

  • Supportive workplace. We offer back-to-school support for busy parents, providing backpacks and school supplies.
  • Team building. We host yearly events, like our spring picnic, which allows team members to get to know each other and build rapport through fun activities.
  • Welcoming environment. Our office is a relaxed, inviting space for mingling or downtime and is stocked with drinks and snacks.
  • Individual attention. We have an open-door policy for questions and concerns, whether it’s about work or another area of our caregiver’s life, we are always available for our team.
  • Additional opportunity. For those seeking additional income, overtime hours are available at time and a half.

Providing our team with the assurance that we genuinely value and care for them empowers our caregivers to pay it forward to our clients. Our aides genuinely understand our clients’ unique needs and wants, such as knowing how they prefer to be addressed, rules for the home, dietary preferences and religious beliefs and often develop lifelong friendships.

With a foundation of support and respect, Alliance caregivers exceed the expectations of the Grandma Rule®. They provide clients with unparalleled home care services that reflect deep standards of excellence: compassion, integrity, professionalism and education while honoring and advocating for the dignity and well-being of their clients and their loved ones.

If you have the passion, experience and drive to raise the standards in home healthcare, join the Alliance Homecare team.


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