Our Services


Thanks to modern medicine, seniors are living well into their 80s and 90s. Many lead active lives and are maintain independence with little help and supervision. Our Companions provide non-medical services to elderly people who are living alone and are at risk for accidents and mental stress due to isolation and loneliness. Companions make it possible for seniors to remain safely in their homes and maintain their independence with dignity.

PREMIER Companions

For many seniors, circumstances limit their ability to be engaged on a personal and social level. The ease of visiting with friends, viewing new exhibits at museums, discussing current events, seeing new movies and even driving a car is often diminished as our loves ones age. Premier Companions assist with filling this gap by providing companionship through friendly and supportive conversation and interaction. Premier Companions are articulate, well-rounded, engaging, compassionate individuals. They have a higher educational degree and are often professionals looking to make a difference in the lives of others. Premier Companions are able to provide intellectually stimulating conversation and a deeper level of social engagement and activity. These type of companions assist with maintaining the highest level of dignity and independent living as possible. Premier Companions will provide a variety of non-medical services while contributing to a positive living environment.


  • Intellectual & Social Stimulation
  • Providing Socialization, Friendship & Support
  • Shopping & Running Errands
  • Assistance With Home Organization
  • Accompaniment To Physician Appointments
  • Performing Household Chores
  • Attending Social Events
  • Escorting For Walks