Care Scenarios

Insulin Management

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to blindness, nerve damage and kidney disease, just to name a few complications.

Alliance Homecare provides senior living communities with a licensed nurse who can establish a daily routine for residents to help monitor symptoms of diabetes and manage complications should they arise.

Our nurses provide both blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections to residents who are newly diagnosed with diabetes or to those who can no longer administer their own insulin. They also work to time insulin delivery so the glucose entering the system is effectively processed. With the appropriate care and solution, diabetes can be managed stress free.

An Alliance Homecare licensed nurse can be assigned to senior living communities mornings and evenings, 7 days a week. Exact times will be coordinated with your specific community.

In addition to administering insulin injections timed to residents’ medical orders, the Alliance Homecare team will also:

  • Communicate with medical providers to assess treatment and dosage
  • Supervise and manage blood sugar levels
  • Educate residents on symptoms associated with Diabetes
  • Advise on how to maintain a healthy diet and assist with menu planning
  • Provide comfort and support knowing a professional nurse is helping to manage residents’ diabetes