5 Indoor Exercises for Seniors During Coronavirus

With Coronavirus sweeping the country and leaving New York in a shelter in place scenario, there are still certain things you can do within the home, or if you have open space around your home, in order to best maintain your health while preventing the spread and contraction of coronavirus.

If you’re in the New York City area or with one of our caregivers outside of the city, we want you to know that Alliance Homecare is here with you every step of the way. We know that we can all get through this together. It’s important to keep your regular routine as much as possible and to keep exercising on a normal basis. To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve put together some suggestions to best maintain your physical health while still staying far away from the coronavirus.

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5 Activities to Keep You Moving Through Coronavirus

We know that finding exercises that are safe for seniors and easy to do in the privacy of their own home can be a challenge, but there are some solutions. Here are some exercises that you can do for a little fun or while you’re doing something else.

Walking or Running — No matter where you live, there are options to get your cardio in. While we’d advise doing so outside for those that can, even some laps around the house should help. You could go all out and get a treadmill or simply challenge yourself to walk the stairs on a regular basis. If you think cardio in the home has to be a joke, then see how fast you can get up and down your stairs a few times and see if we’re joking.

Resistance and Weight Training — If you were in the middle of rehabbing an injury or simply are concerned about maintaining your muscle tone and strength, then using resistance bands or continuing the strength exercises you did outside the home could help you come out of this in as good or better condition as when you went in. 

If you already have the equipment, continue your weight training, but if your options are more limited you could still get small weight sets or resistance bands sent to your home. These limited equipment exercise options, and your in-home caregivers, who will make sure you use them safely, can help you exercise in your home at any time during your corona-mandated stay indoors. The available assistance to keep your resistant and weight training exercises safe and effective, are another reason why exploring home care in NYC is recommended

Youtube Yoga and Seated Exercises — Seniors living now are lucky enough to live in a time where the amount of research and work on preventative medicine has led us to a number of activities that people can in their old age or with limited mobility. These exercises help to increase strength and the functioning of the body’s critical systems. To get seated exercise routines, senior yoga and Zumba classes, and much more, you simply have to put the search into Youtube.

Dancing — Speaking of Zumba, there are an endless variety of dances you can do in your home to get a little exercise and have a little fun during coronavirus. You and your caregiver can use your physical health to determine just how long and hard you should dance, but with a little enthusiasm, anyone can get their cardio in with dancing.

Play Games — There are a number of different exercise routines on Youtube that are meant to be fun and can be easily adapted for seniors. There are also a number of indoor games you could play, such as ping pong, air hockey, or virtual games like Wii bowling. Some of this may be new to you or require equipment you need to get your hands on, but your caregivers will help you find exercises and get you what you need to do them.

Stay Active and Stay Safe

Taking care of your own physical health is the primary thing that anyone can do to prevent a virus from spreading, and therefore taking care of your own physical health is part of doing what’s best for everybody at a time like this. We only ask our seniors that you do so safely, with social distancing and hygiene practices at the front of your mind. Lean on your caregivers and nurses for help or guidance with indoor exercises, check our page for updates on our services during the Corona outbreak, and contact Alliance Homecare in New York City if you have any additional needs.


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