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    Monitoring Blood Pressure At Home

    Blood pressure (BP) is an important and informative vital sign. It’s value is constantly changing which makes it difficult to…

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    Exercise and Well-Being

    We all know that exercise is good for us. Why, then, do most people find it so hard to do?…

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    Fat is a Friend

    For years Fat has been shunned from America’s kitchens and labeled as a menace to society.  Luckily, the research is out: …

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    Is Long Term Care Insurance Right For You?

    The short answer:  Yes. The long answer: It’s shocking for many people to realize that neither their private insurer nor…

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  • Anxiety.

    The Age of Anxiety

    Anxiety is considered a major public health concern.  Don’t be fooled by the pharmaceutical ads on TV–there is certainly no…

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  • Tree

    Normal Memory Loss or Dementia?

    Developing dementia is one of the most pressing fears of aging adults, but it’s important to note that memory loss…

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    Driving Safety and the Older Adult: Part 2

     Discussing driving safety with your loved one is a difficult endeavor. Unfortunately, there is no easy way around it. At…

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    Simple Ways to Prevent Falls

    Did you know that a broken hip can increase the risk of death for an older adult?  The US Department…

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  • Nutrition-Image

    Nutrition Needs for the Older Adult: Part 1

    In our world, nutrition and health are synonymous. Nutritional needs vary throughout one’s lifespan. This is a fact often overlooked…

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    Alliance Sponsors ‘My Mother’s Recipe’

    Janine Solano, RN and Mia Ross, RN had a great time representing Alliance Homecare at ‘My Mother’s Recipe’. The Caregivers’…

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